Friday, October 30, 2009

Catholic Speaker Month - John Martignoni

Ever hear all the “Biblical” objections to Catholicism? You know, the one about calling no man father? Or the argument about faith and works? Sola scriptura? There’s just too many to mention.

Living as a Catholic in the South, you’re often bombarded by stuff like that wherever you go. And at the surface, some of the arguments sound convincing. So where can you seek some help? Where can you go for the truth? Try Catholic apologist John Martignoni.
As a former evangelical myself, Martignoni’s tapes – which show the truth of Catholicism by using the Bible – were instrumental in my own journey to Catholicism. Martignoni offers tapes, CDs and downloads free of charge on his Web site.

His tapes are very down to earth and straightforward, and something that everyone can learn from. He offers practical answers to questions about the Catholic faith, backed up by the Bible itself. Some of the topics discussed include “Infant Baptism and Original Sin,” “Catholics and the Bible,” and “Sola Fide – Salvation by Faith Alone,” just to name a few.

In honor of Fallible Blogma’s “Support A Catholic Speaker Month,” I decided that Martignoni would be a great topic for me. His tapes answered many questions that I had about the Catholic faith before I converted. They were a great help. Thanks so much, John.

The Catholic Church needs many people throughout the world to speak with a clear voice about the truth of Jesus Christ that it holds. The work of John Martignoni tremendously blessed my life. There are those out there that have blessed us all. Thanks be to God for all of these fine men and women that stand up for the truth that is the Catholic faith.

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